About Us

My Story

After eating carelessly for decades, I started to encounter various health ailments that were considered normal for my age in my early 50's including severe high blood pressure and arthritis. Having been in decent shape and assumingly good health my entire life, the idea of taking pills as recommended by doctors to manage my blood pressure just didn't sit well with me. I prayed about it and followed up a year later and realized there were no changes, my blood pressure was still high. 


I thought about my parents and elders in the rural communities of Zimbabwe who lived long healthy lives and the foods we grew up on which we as young people often frowned upon for being too country or ghetto.  I then decided to do my own research about natural foods to promote lower blood pressure and started to implement a simple remedy of taking a handful of blueberries each day and after four days my blood pressure was normal.


That was when I realized how important our diet is to our health and began to investigate and get educated on the power of natural foods for healing different ailments. 

The Process

Anna Maria is passionate about the role of nutrition and power of food in our lives. She is on a mission to share the benefits of wholesome, nutritious food with all who cross her path, both personally and globally. As a pastor, Anna Maria embraces a holistic understanding of nutrition beyond the benefits to the body alone.

Nourishment of body, mind and spirit is the ultimate message and undercurrent woven between the lines and pages of this enlightening book.